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Scotidi Race Development

Scotidi 05-14 Mustang (S197) Antisquat Brackets

Scotidi 05-14 Mustang (S197) Antisquat Brackets

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Even at factory ride height, the anti-squat percentage is very small (12%) and lowering the car only makes it worse. For drifting applications specifically, anti-squat is (in our minds) a desirable suspension characteristic and therefore these brackets are highly desirable. From our experience, anti-squat provides forward drive in the car and allows a much more aggressive and fast driving style than a pro-squat setup. It also reduces the need for a big tire to put traction down. Drag racers have been dialing in anti-squat for decades to gain grip.


These brackets have 3 settings, and these are the anti squat percentages:

  • Top - 54%
  • Middle - 69%
  • Bottom - 83%

when paired with our Instant Center adjustable upper control arm mount, these can be increased even more!

For Track use only, NOT DOT APPROVED.

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