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Scotidi Race Development

Scotidi S197 Full Angle Kit

Scotidi S197 Full Angle Kit

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A seriously capable kit for a seriously good price, the Scotidi Quick Angle kit takes the new approach to drifting suspension parts. It may seem that a full custom spindle and control arm setup is the only way to get a high performing kit, but the quick angle kits have proven otherwise. The bolt on spindle adapters provide the same benefits that a standalone spindle would at a fraction of the price, and allows you to keep more easily replaceable parts on your car.

This kit offers:

  • a verifiable 62° of steering angle
  • 3 position ackerman adjustment
  • roll center correction
  • PTFE lined rod end joints for more steering feel and to eliminate the squirm of rubber bushings
  • Stock spindle trail correction
  • Version 2.0 now has 1 piece arms! While the 2 piece arms added on car adjustment, they proved to be finicky and less robust. Not to mention the 1 piece arms are stronger, simpler, and less expensive!




This kit includes:

Spindle Adapters

  • 1.625" Roll center correction
  • 3 position ackerman adjustment 
  • Optimized steering arm length to maximize angle
  • BIllet Aluminum construction
  • Steering stop plates that bolt on to the factory spindle


Control Arms

  • Double shear rear mount
  • Integrated steering stop
  • Minimum 2" over factory arm length


Extended Tie Rods

  • Extended length for drift applications
  • PTFE lined rod ends

(The selection of model year is based upon the ball joint size. If you are unsure of which model year or ball joint/spindle combination you have, you can measure the diameter of the ball joint shaft or the mating hole. The 05-10 will have a ~.705” diameter ball joint and the 11-14 will have a .750”.)

*Requires coil over kit


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